Hello, we are graf (gráficos associados).


We are a design studio established at Oporto, crafted by a collective of professionals working in all communication angles. In the past few years we've worked on some multidisciplinary design projects with great clients such as Sipa Press, Unesco, the European Space Agency, Isopix, Transdev, among with many notable others.


We believe experience leads to innovation, design focus is the humanization of the message, and a brand is an echo of a concept or an idea. We sail on the space where brands and technology collide trying to convey sensations.


We fail like everyone! We succeed as a few! We take ethics and social responsibility commitments as our lead. In the needs of our “family” we will always be a part of the solution!


We are graf... we create… we’ve changed our brand and we are now rebuilding our communication dynamic. It’s taking some time, mostly due to our involvement in a lot of new exciting projects. But we promise to be back soon!


In the meantime, you can contact us to


or call us to

+351 919 149 063/ +351 965 774 932


We hope to ear from you soon!


Paulo & Ivo

Creative Direction