Hello! We are graf.

We are a design studio based in Porto, composed by a collective of professionals that works at all angles of communication. In recent years we have collaborated with fantastic clients such as Sipa Press, Unesco, the European Space Agency, Isopix, Transdev, Porto Editora, IEP, Público, as well as many other remarkable ones in the development of some multidisciplinary design projects.

We believe that experience leads to discovery, that the brand is the reflection of a concept or an idea, and we move our focus towards the humanization of the message. We navigate the space where brands and technology collide trying to pass on sensations. We are wrong like all of us! We are right like some of us! We are committed to ethics and social responsibility. Regarding the needs of our family we will always be part of the solution!

We are graf… we create!

Where we collide!

If you’re looking for brand design, branding, brand strategy, UI/ UX design, editorial design, exhibition design, experience design, social marketing or social branding, we should talk! We are always available to chat… we are friendly people who love to meet other people, share experiences and knowledge!

How we collide!

Analogical Brand

We combine all the competences of Design with the basic principles that define your brand to ensure that its identity and that of all the supports that sustain it, keep pace with the times in which it lives. We seek to highlight its personality, highlight its uniqueness and distinction, respecting the public and the environment with whom you live.

Digital Brand

To lead the online presence of brands in a creative way, exploiting at every moment the limits of interactivity, allows to build, consolidate and deepen the experience and the relationship between the consumer and the brand… our mission is to ensure that brands exploit the exceptional capabilities that new information technologies offer in its multiple platforms.

Brand Strategy

Trends and profiles define consumers… The study and understanding of the brand, the market and the competitive sphere in which it is inserted allows to define the positioning, the tone of the language and the content of the right message, capable of seducing its audience. With the preliminary analysis of communication agents, we create a strategic plan dedicated to presenting creative solutions that enhance the achievement of your goals.

Social Branding

Communication between people is yesterday news… and also the idea that trade is dialogue. In a world where the fastest growing community is the digital one, it is imperative for brands to ensure a constant and effective presence beside their consumers. We help brands to listen, understand and participate in the conversations that hold social networking.

Brand Activation

Developing brand actions based on an intimate relationship with the public, capable of conducting and projecting their notoriety to their potential consumers, is fundamental to bringing people together. We feed opportunities with humanized content through multidisciplinary projects that generate unique connections.